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Chiropractic Services


Dr. Lindsay Levy founded the Center in 1996, and has been providing quality Chiropractic Services ever since.  With a caring approach and experience you can count on, Dr. Levy feels her “primary focus is to LISTEN to your health concerns and needs, perform a thorough Chiropractic, Neurologic, Orthopedic evaluation, so we can then determine the best course of action and treatment to guide your body to a natural healing.” 

      Spinal adjustments are given to misaligned vertebrae to help restore the normal flow of healing information from your brain out to your body and organs.  This vital life force travels from your brain along your nervous system, through your spine, and can be blocked when your vertebrae become out of normal alignment.  This puts pressure on your nerve roots where this vital information is traveling.  The alignment removes this pressure by replacing the vertebrae to a more normal position.  Radiographs and other testing may be performed to help determine the exact area of stress and mal-positioning of the spine, to help with the specific alignment process.​

​      Many people think Chiropractic is about resolving neck and back pain only.  In truth, it is so much more!  Cutting off normal nerve and blood flow, due to a badly positioned spine, can lead to many other health problems such as headaches, stomach and digestive issues, pain, numbing and tingling in the arms and legs.  The cause of these misalignments, (the medical term being Subluxation), can usually be traced to previous injuries or trauma, sometimes as far back as childhood!  By performing a series of very specific adjustments, and educating the patient on proper body mechanics, diet, stretches and exercise, the body begins to heal NATURALLY, without the use of surgery or pharmaceutical drugs.  Most times, massage/manual therapy will be prescribed as well to help release muscle spasms associated with the misalignment.

       Harmony offers this healing in a comfortable, caring atmosphere, with a friendly, competent staff that is ready to help you with your scheduling and insurance needs.  To start you on the path of your body’s return to complete health and vibrant feeling, let’s get you going!  Additionally, Harmony offers many health products to further assist you in your quest to be the best YOU-you can be!! ​

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