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Call Us Today!
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Our Staff

Dr Lindsay Levy

Dr. Lindsay Levy

Dr.  Levy has been providing relief through a loving desire to see people excel and be the best they can be. She has been delivering the Chiropractic adjustment since 1987, and treats all types of patients-everyone with a spine! She studied at Life Chiropractic College West in California, where she specialized in family practice including children, sports injuries, and many other presenting symptoms. Dr. Lindsay believes in the therapeutic and healing effects of soft tissue work and has 2 talented therapists available for all your massage needs.

Chiropractic care is a science, art and philosophy. Dr. Levy believes strongly in the integrity of her profession. She and her staff treat each individual with the utmost attention and comprehensive care. “Over the years, we have established a friendly, warm, compassionate team of therapists and staff who are dedicated to assisting patients in a caring, nurturing environment.”

Sycreeta Crawford

Sycreeta can help you with all your insurance and billing needs. She has been a valuable member of our team for over a decade. She is available to guide you, fulfill your needs, and accommodate your schedule with ours. If you would like more information pertaining to our services, or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to call 305-852-3232or contact our office. Sycreeta will gladly assist you further.

Valerie Hawkins has been blessing us with her presence at Harmony for the past 5 years!  Always pleasant and uplifting, Val is ready to take care of your Chiropractic, massage and insurance needs.  She will accommodate your schedule with ours, and make sure your needs are met.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with family.  She is very involved with her Church, and enjoys living her truth.
Shannon has been with Harmony Healing Center since April of 2016. She has a personal passion for Chiropractic care and Holistic healing. She is working at the front desk, several days through the week.  She looks forward to scheduling your appointment and helping to answer any questions you may have.  She enjoys the interaction with people, and loves seeing people get healthy through the Chiropractic adjustment!! 
Suzanne Mason
Suzanne Mason has been helping at the Front Desk since February of 2016.  She has an extensive background in Customer Service, and delights in bringing you satisfaction with your experience at Harmony, whether it's greeting you pleasantly on the phone, helping with your scheduling and insurance needs, or providing prompt appointments with the Dr. or therapists. She enjoys the outdoors, and loves kayaking the beautiful waters in the FL Keys.